Studies in the police – are Erfahrungsbericht.Polizist – for whom that sounds exciting,

will need to most certainly our interview having a student who does just this by reading.

Additional for you, they reported here on their experiences from their research towards the police.

initially Hey! Introduce oneself in front write my essay paper initially. I am Pia 19 years old, studying at the Police Academy of Reduced Saxony and am there in the 1st cycle.two. Why did you chose for this study? I wanted to the police since this profession provides range and not just about every day is the same in their expert life. To the police, there is certainly only 1 study.three. How long is your program? Three years studying to become police commissioner. In Reduce Saxony, there is certainly only 1 course for the elevated service, education for the middle grade will not be it a lot more. The police commissioner is a part of the elevated service.four. What subjects are there? What responsibilities do you’ve? What are you performing? Although studying the theory in practice 1 learns later. among other items, criminal law and site visitors law is taught us, but additionally the basic perfect we speak.

5th How much practice is included in the study, you can find compulsory / voluntary internships? Inside the 1st cycle, there is tiny practice, but we practice how you can cope with inserts tips on how to record crime scenes and edited. We also practice easy methods to manage the weapon and have shooting training. Also loads of sports we do. Inside the second year you will find two internships, the initial internship is 3 months service supplies within a police station, exactly where it is in use and patrol service operates. It is actually virtually around the road, working there and taking as visitors accidents. The second placement you know within a police station, but the investigation service. You’ll find the cases which has integrated the deployment and patrols, processed. The two internships are needed, much more doesn’t exist.6. What do you prefer to study? I know I’m going to have to have the content later to accomplish nicely at my job. This one has previously so frequently asked in school: “What I need that grew up?” Now it is so, I just know I am going to require that. I like that.7. What usually do not you like? That there is certainly so much theory. Criminal law is merely dry and partly particularly hard to fully understand. In components, it is actually also a little boring, but you simply need to remain tuned.

8th How do you like your university? I assume it’s superior that we’ve it all on one web site. For swimming lessons we have to go into just a little far more distant swimming pool. Even the sports field isn’t located straight on the premises, but around the other side with the street, not far away.9. What situations need to bring? To study in the police academy you’ll need a higher school diploma. But there can be nevertheless a lot of other conditions that would mention right here a little considerably. Around the web page you’ll find all application documents and all needs are listed there.10. Was there anything that shocked you – what would you could have not anticipated? No not true.11. In which profession / area you wish to operate once again later? Towards the police, there is only a single course, but you will discover many places in which one particular can go later. Initially, I most certainly want to be in the deployment and patrol duty. But appear where I am going to find yourself later.12. 1 tip which you would have even liked to have had ahead of? What guidance would you give to others? I did not anticipate that it can be so in theory, however it has to be set.

. 13 Can you recommend the study and if that’s the case why? But only if 1 wants in any case for the police. That need to feel twice about prior to.Thank you for the interview!Other helpful knowledge on studying within the police is usually located around the information web page from the Police Academy Reduced Saxony.

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